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La Pine Coop and Garden Tour

"Supporting our rural community and economy, animal husbandry, and local vegetable gardens"

Greenhouses are very helpful for raising cold-sensitive vegetables such as sweet potatoes, melons, tomatoes, pole beans, peppers, or cucumbers. Many of our hosts have invented ways to heat their greenhouses with heat sinks made with water, sun-facing brick walls, sunken growing levels, and more.

Outdoor gardeners use garden blankets on nights that threaten to freeze, or make hoops with covers to shelter their plants. One has converted two old refrigerators into cold cases that produce all their lettuces and stir-fry greens May through November. Bush beans, squashes, kale, Swish Chard, parsnips, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and peas are all grown successfully outside. Heritage seeds and natural fertilizers, such as compost and horse, chicken and rabbit manures are often used to create healthy, non-GMO organic food. In this time of drought and the escalating cost of food, we know that growing your own is becoming more and more important to families.


Mother Nature Has a Sense of Humor!

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DIY: Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting/Cuttings




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How to make your own hoop house or green house for cheap!


Information and Advice on Home Garden Greenhouses

f you're looking for information on home garden greenhouses — building your own or finding new and innovative ways to utilize the one you have — look no further. Mother Earth News has assembled this collection of greenhouse articles from our archives so you could easily find all of them.

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DIY, Low-cost and Multipurpose Greenhouses

The key to making a DIY greenhouse affordable is working with recycled windows and/or glass doors. Thousands of these items are thrown away each year as homeowners remodel. Locate your glass first, then design your greenhouse frame around it. Contact Newberry Habitat for Hunaity ReStore. They're likely to have a supply of cheap — or even free — windows.

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