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La Pine Coop and Garden Tour

2019 La Pine Coop and Garden Tour

"Supporting our rural community and economy, animal husbandry, and local vegetable gardens"

La Pine Coop and Garden TourThe Little Deschutes Grange, Newberry Habitat for Humanity ReStore, will team up to organize our most productive fund-raiser – The Chicken Coop, Garden, and Pond Tour. We invite you to join us and learn the ways our intrepid gardeners have found to produce food locally, despite severe challenges.

Unlike the Western side of the state, where one can throw a seed into the ground and grow just about anything, Central Oregon is high desert. Our "soil" is mostly volcanic ash, practically devoid of nutrients. It can, and often does, freeze any night of the year. So, Central Oregonians can be forgiven for thinking that raising vegetables in their backyards was impossible. Our tour has opened their eyes.

La Pine Coop and Garden TourWe sell booklets for ten dollars per car that include a map to all of the host sites, their descriptions, as well as a raffle form to win either a cold case or a chicken tractor. We will have about twenty host sites this year, and will hold the tour for one day. Much of the funds generated comes from advertising that is sold and the purchase of the tour booklets.

Ticket holders are able to see all the ways chickens are being cared for, acquaint themselves with the differing breeds, and learn how to enjoy their own eggs and chicken gently raised at home. Some of our hosts also raise rabbits, goats, swine, turkeys, or other exotic birds.

So, take a look at our website, and come to our Chicken Coop, Garden and Pond Tour from 9am to 3pm. In 2016 we raised close to $4,000 and split it with our local Habitat for Humanity Re-store. This year we are hoping to do even better.

La Pine Coop and Garden Tour


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